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Archives / Re: Ball texture
« Last post by napoleonsmith on Yesterday at 06:28:23 AM »
I suppose that only will be happy to fully generate any idea related to this unusual  issue!
Archives / Re: Tournament soccer The million dollar game table
« Last post by williamjarrett on February 10, 2019, 06:53:14 PM »
I think that the tournament was a really great performance to watch, so  this event has become unforgettable. Just for you to keep in mind that we currently here.
Sorry the link did not add the second page.

Here is the page with all the Foosball Tournament Information.

You can find this information at the ohio foosball promotions facebook page too.

Columbus, Ohio is sort of a hot spot for foosball players. There some top level players, world class, in and around the Columbus area. Every Friday there is a tournament at the Columbus Bowling Palace. Sometime these tournaments bring in 16 plus teams. The person, the Captain, Tim Litteral, that runs the Friday tournaments is organizing the Arnold Festival Foosball Championships. He has done a great job with the regular tournaments and I expect that the Arnold event will be really fun.

If you are in Columbus sometime check out the Tuesday, free foosball, and the Friday DYP/ BYP tournaments at the Columbus Square Bowling Palace.
General Chat / Re: Are tornado men compatible with sportscraft AMF varsity table?
« Last post by shaolinmilk on February 08, 2019, 10:37:12 AM »
I think if you add tornado men to your table, it is going to be loose since it uses rolling pin.

I purchased these men here (a little pricey) and added it to my Atomic/Harvard table (uses nuts and bolts).

I also added a few 2x4 under the playfield to level it and now it's performing very well. The surface is obviously not the same as Tornado (not as slick, ball moves faster on Tornado), the goalie net is smaller (I can cut it to make it the same size as Tornado) and the bearings are without a doubt nowhere as smooth and tight.

With that said, these new men breathe some new life into my table and I actually really like it now. Obviously it's not at the Tornado level, but for what it is... for a practice table... with the new men... it suits me quite well. :)
General Chat / Re: Rod bushing/bearing for 2" thick wall
« Last post by shaolinmilk on February 08, 2019, 10:30:05 AM »
Do you have a picture of what you did?
General Chat / Re: Rene Pierre table handles are in stock.
« Last post by Cloak on February 08, 2019, 01:39:14 AM »
Im looking for a set of telescopic rods.  Not for a Rene table.  Wanted to upgrade my table
General Chat / Re: Rod bushing/bearing for 2" thick wall
« Last post by Cloak on February 08, 2019, 01:36:31 AM »
Had the same issue.   I ordered a set of beatings off Amazon that resembles my old ones.    One half of the bearing worked fine (luckily the half with the bearing itself) the other half was too short.   All I did was use the NEW half with the old half and it worked fine [/img]
General Chat / Re: whats the best foosball table for under $1000
« Last post by silvafair on February 07, 2019, 11:33:58 PM »     dollar for dollar best foosball table ever made!

Not sure if that's a real recommendation or just a promotion.
For 1k you may want to look into Tornado tables. I've been playing since the 90's and have played in many tournaments. And Tornado's are the best imo. If you're looking for used models, remember to also stock some silicon, extra balls, guys, rod pins and a bushing or two. Things can and will break.
As it has already been said:
BUY A TORNADO COIN-OP range in price from $300-$1175
No sturdier or more reliable table ever made in the US and probably the world.

Can't say the same thing about their newest models, though.
General Chat / Re: Different type of game table
« Last post by silvafair on February 07, 2019, 10:25:14 PM »
I have a Super Chexx with the red base, US vs. Canada, updated sounds, etc. I got it from a dealer off Ebay that basically just gets it shipped from ICE (the makers of Bubble Hockey). It wasn't cheap but the machine is extremely high quality. This thing is made to hold up in bars full of drunk people so you can be sure that it will last in your home.
It's great fun especially for my 3 year old who is actually pretty good.
Tips for maintenance are basic: clean the outside of the dome, lift and clean under the dome (bur remove players first), wipe down the table. Visit the forums in case of emergency.
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