Author Topic: Front-pin (euro-pin) direct shot.  (Read 9583 times)

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Re: Front-pin (euro-pin) direct shot.
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The front pin is a hard skill set.  In a game situation shooting front pin is like cherry picking, trying to find an easy opening.  I have found that the key to shooting the front pin is in the delivery.  With a good quick shot motion into the goal you can shoot the front pin from almost anywhere in front of the goal.   

A few things have helped me develop my front pin delivery.  One practice technique is to set the ball up in front pin position at the middle of the goal.  Once the ball is set up circle the ball with your plastic player.  Keep going round and round the ball, exercising your wrist.  Keep your wrist stretched with stretching exercises.  Soon you will be able to hit the ball straight or angled as you choose.

To practice delivery itself, I usually set the ball up in the middle.  I then split the defenders, either reverse defense or regular defense.  Then I practice shooting between the two defenders.  Shoot versus regular defense then reverse the defenders to shoot against the opposite arrangement.  You can rock or tap the ball but just practice delivery.  Moving the ball around is not as important as delivery and is a lot easier once you have excellent delivery.