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DIY ramps for 1man goalie
« on: August 12, 2017, 03:14:17 PM »
I recently picked up a foosball table for very cheap and wanted to convert from a three-man to a one man goalie with ramps because that's what I prefer. I had a hard time finding any information on "do it yourself" ramps because I know they can be fairly expensive for a simple piece.  So I would just like to post what I did so that others that have this problem have an option.
1. Bought acrylic sheet in the glass section at Lowe's. (About $20 they only had a large piece)
2.  Use a box cutter and the edge of a measuring square to cut repeatedly (the sheet will need to be bent and will easily break)
3.  I then used some left over spacers from a TV mount and glued them into the corner to set the height to slightly higher than 5/8 of an inch.
4.  I then took a sanding block with very coarse I believe 80 grit and sanded the edge to make for a less bumpy lip at the bottom of the ramp.
5. Since I'm in Alabama fan I wanted to theme the table so I spray-painted the ramps Crimson. ( I should note that since the acrylic sheeting is clear I decided to spray paint the bottom of the ramp so the paint is actually on the bottom side.)
 I hope this helps someone if they have this problem.
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