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Repair services
« on: December 27, 2017, 08:54:56 PM »
We are totally new to this sport and bought a very used Easton for our kids. I think it is about 10 years old. It seems well built and is quite level but could visually use some TLC and probably needs bolts tightened, etc.

Are there people or companies who repair / refurbish these tables? I see lots of instructions here on how it can be done but we don't have the time to do this ourselves and would like to hire someone.

We are in north-western San Diego county, California.

Thanks for pointers!

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Re: Repair services
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2017, 02:44:34 AM »
Your table is a toy and not a tournament table.  The money spent on repair would most likely exceed the cost of the table.

Let your kids play on the Easton for a month.  If they take a liking to the game then trash your table and buy a Warrior or Tornado.

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Re: Repair services
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2017, 10:48:45 PM »
The previous post may have seemed harsh. Thatís because most people who post either play or aspire to play at a tournament level.  If your kids are having fun cool. If someday they want more you can step up.
To answer your question: no, there arenít even people to repair quality tables. The key is to have a sturdy enough table so that it doesnít move/shake during play. The surface should be flat with no waviness. The rods should move smoo - clean with 90% alcohol on a paper towel. Same for the surface. The rosa can be lubricated with a quality silicone but youíll need to get that online - no Home Depot or Pep Boy product is good enough as they gum up. Course even this may be overkill for you. Many old timers play when Pam was the lube if choice. Donít get any lube in the surface. The balls can be scrubbed and rinsed wither the alcohol.
There. A 70s book: The Complete Book of Foosball. Itís a good read though many rules are dated. Still ó theyíre close enough.
Most importantly- donít spin the rods or just keep swatting at the ball. Foos is a slow game. Each rod stops and controls the ball, then sets-up for a quality shot.
Even more important than the ďmost important ď - have fun.
PM me if you want.