Author Topic: How do I remove TSA Harvard Deluxe men pins with threads ?  (Read 378 times)

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How do I remove TSA Harvard Deluxe men pins with threads ?
« on: February 08, 2018, 11:22:47 AM »
Yes, I am a newbie & this is my first post. Thanks for letting me join.
I realize this is a newb question, so pile on anyway.

I own a TSA Harvard Deluxe Wood Foosball table.

I played in college, and got it for my teenagers who play once a year. So it's mine. When I bought it used, the rods were pulled, so I put them in without consulting a proper forum. Took me a year with friends saying the player order was wrong for me to realize they are correct. 

The TSA Harvard Deluxe Wood Foosball table foosmen are attached to the rods, not with pins, but actual 'pin/screws' that are threaded. The long pin/screws run through the foosmen & thread into a cheap metal cased nut with fiber/plastic threads which sit tightly inside the foosmens' back.

I can unscrew the 'pin' to release it from the fiber/plastic thread,  turning easily, but it will not come out from the foosman.
The 'pin-screw' sits inside the foosman, never falling out and simply turns.

I can not use a punch, because the threads will catch and rip on the steel rod.
I can not pry out the metal cased nut without damaging the back of the foosman.

I've tried:
-  pulling the pin/screw with needle nosed pliers: won't work, nothing to grab
- using rubber bands on the screw drivers : still won't work,
- tapping with wood punches to preserve the threads: nada
- using lubricants like 3 in one oil &  WD-40: Yes, I protected the table , but still Nada
- re-threading the fiber nut onto the spinning pin/screw to tap it out :  but the pin/screw is not long enough!
- and everything I've tried fails to get the damn pin/screws out of the foosmen.

What am I missing? 

Now for the question:    How do I get these pin/screws released from the foosmen after the
cheap metal cased fiber nut's threads are no longer biting into the screw/pin?