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Hello, and welcome to the first of our new Inside Foos electronic newsletters. This monthly periodical will help you stay in touch with all the happenings on the professional foosball tour, and will offer useful information on upcoming events, both regionally and nationally. For those of you who are new to the sport, we will help to introduce you to the competitive world of professional table-soccer, where the planet's most talented foosers compete for more than $300,000 on the pro tour every year. We will also update you on the latest video offerings from Inside Foos Productions, including special video deals designed specifically for subscribers to this newsletter. We'll also bring you interesting, little known facts and figures from the world of foosball in our Inside The Numbers segment.
The biggest news on the pro tour, of course, concerns the recently-completed U.S.T.S.A. Hall of Fame Classic, held March 26-30 at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. This hugely-attended, season-opening event featured remarkable performances from several of the sport's biggest names, while also offering a glimpse at a some of the sport's future stars. You can get a complete breakdown of this exciting season-opener in the new Table Talk magazine or at within the next 2-3 weeks.
The biggest news here at Inside Foos Productions concerns the fact that you can now order the sport's biggest competitions, including the 2003 Las Vegas Hall of Fame event, on DVD. This high-quality digital format offers a greatly improved picture, along with the ability to easily access any part of the video at any time. We're pretty excited about this development here at video central. Check out for all the titles now available on DVD.
If you are interested in owning your own copies of major tournament video sets, you'll find several deals and discounts listed in the "Special Offers" section below, including a subscriber-only offer on the brand new Hall of Fame Classic DVD set. We are finishing production on the exciting Vegas event as we speak and shipping should begin in about 2 weeks. Of course the earlier you order, the earlier your DVDs will be shipped. For those of you interested in owning the entire 2003 season on DVD, check out the bonus package offer listed below.
Our goal each month is to keep you comprehensively informed on the fast-growing sport of foosball, both through the written word and the world of video. We also welcome your viewpoints and opinions. If you have any questions or comments regarding Inside Foos videos or DVDs, or on the sport of foosball in general, please email us at and we'll provide you with a quick and hopefully accurate response.  

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2003 Hall of Fame Classic Open Champions

OPEN DOUBLES: Terry Moore & Rick Macias
OPEN SINGLES: Todd Loffredo
OPEN MIXED DOUBLES: Frederic Collignon & Cindy Head
WOMEN'S DOUBLES: Moya Tielens & Laurette Barton

Go To for complete HOFC results.


  • Clearing out the Hall of Fame Classic notebook...
  • Todd Loffredo showed that he is still "The Man" with his brilliantly-played, double-dip finals win over the talented Fernando Rosa in Open Singles ...
  • Amazingly, the great Loffredo has not won a world singles title since 1986...
  • However, he has won 9 of the last 13 Open Doubles world titles...
  • He earned a a pair with Gus Trevino, two more with Scotty Wydman, and of course the last five with Frederic Collignon...
  • Another Denver legend, Tom Spear, won the 1994 Open Singles World Championship and hasn't played in another singles event since...
  • I guess he figures there's only one direction you can go from the top of the mountain...
  • Amazingly, Terry Moore's win in Vegas was his sixth Hall of Fame Classic doubles title in the 9 years that the event has been in existence. That's an amazing two-thirds of them...
  • Rick Macias, a former forward,  proved that he can play the goalie position with the best of 'em, passing, shooting, and blocking his way to a first-ever open title with his partner Mr. Moore...
  • Moya Tielens and the newly-married Laurette Barton (formerly Gunther) won a third consecutive Hall of Fame Classic Women's Doubles championship, their fifth career title as a team...
  • Their other two victories were World Championships in 1997 and 2002...
  • from the Unbreakable Record Department: Quietly, Cindy Head won both Mixed Doubles and Women's Singles in Las Vegas, The 21st time she has "doubled" at a tour event during her long and illustrious career...
  • On second thought, the exuberant Ms. Head never does things quietly...
  • A big congratulations to the newest Hall of Famers Link Pendley and Bob Furr...
  • Link, whose Oklahoma foosball program was one of the strongest ever during the decade of the 1990s was also the Tournament Director on the pro tour for almost a decade...
  • Bob Furr designed the original Tornado table back in the early 1970s...
  • Hawaiian push-kicker Frank Balecha opened some eyes in Las Vegas with his hard-earned fifth place finish in singles...
  • Frank, a former HOFC Semi-Pro champ, upset both Don Swan and Dave Gummeson, and then barely lost a tight semifinal match to 2nd place finisher Fernando Rosa, 5-4 in the fifth game...
  • Since we're talking about upsets, Atlanta's Mike Yore ousted former world champ Louis Cartwright and then eliminated the great Frederic Collignon on the way to his highest singles finish ever...
  • From the Old Dog-New Trick file: 44 year old Gregg "Jeep" Perrie of Hollywood showed that you don't have to be young to play great foosball as he worked his way back through the loser's bracket and came back from a 2-0 deficit to defeat Terry Moore and finish third in Open Singles...
  • Jeep, a long time push-kicker, used a very effective  snake shot on more than 80% of his three-rod possesions during the event...
  • Lone Star foosers Mike Archer and Brandon Moreland proved their 2002 Texas State Championship was no fluke, winning the winners bracket in Open Doubles, before succumbing in two sets to Moore and Macias...
  • Speaking of Brandon and Mike, the 2003 Texas State Championships have moved back to Memorial Day weekend in Irving, Texas...
  • Prize money has been upped to $25,000 and Promoter Steve Murray says the event will be "played under optimum conditions"...
  • Having worked last year's Texas States, I can tell you that this event really does look and feel like the tour's fourth major championship...
  • And finally, Austrian table-football star Laszlo Teke pulled off a very rare double in Las Vegas, winning both the Forward Shootout and Goalie War titles...
  • I guess that means if he chose himself as a doubles partner he would win that event as well...
  • Seeya next month...


  • Inside Foos has been the official video production company of the Tornado Professional Foosball Tour for more than 10 years. Our videos and DVDs are digitally recorded using a multi-camera set-up and feature the play-by-play of "The World's Only Fooscaster" Jim Stevens, with expert commentary provided by some of the sport's top players.
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Terry Moore's doubles victory in Las Vegas was his
47th career win on the major pro tour. Here is a list
of the professional tour's all-time biggest winners:

  • Cindy Head                 62
  • Todd Loffredo              58
  • Terry Moore               47
  • Lori Schranz               31
  • Liz (Hill) Hellstern   28
  • Tina Rhoton               23
  • Steve Murray            19
  • Carrie Walegir          18
  • Johnny Horton         16
  • Tom Spear                   16
  • Bob Diaz                       15
  • Gena Murray             14
  • Frederic Collignon    14
  • Jim Wiswell                13
  • Karen Gililland          12
  • Melanee Tosh              11
  • Doug Furry                 11
  • Tony Bacon                 11
  • Tommy Adkisson      10
  • Rob Mares                    10
  • Don Swan                    10
  • Gregg Perrie               10
  • Tiffany Moore            10
  • John Smith                   9
  • Scott Wydman             9
  • Adrian Zamora            9
  • Louis Cartwright         8
  • Christina Fuchs           8     
  • Dan Kaiser                     8                                                                                                                                                                                         

Belgian mega-star Frederic Collignon has won an
unbelievable 10 world titles in the past 5 years. Here
is a list of the all-time World Championship leaders:

  • Cindy Head                 32
  • Todd Loffredo              18
  • Frederic Collignon    10
  • Tina Rhoton                  9
  • Terry Moore                  7
  • Steve Murray               7
  • Lori Schranz                  7
  • Johnny Horton            6
  • Tony Bacon                   6
  • Tom Spear                     4
  • Tommy Adkisson        4

Rob Mares' win in Mixed Doubles at last year's Atlanta
Nationals made it nine straight years in which he had
won at least one title. Here is a list of the longest
current winning streaks on the major pro tour:

  • Terry Moore            12 Years
  • Rob Mares                   9 Years
  • Cindy Head                7 Years
  • Bob Diaz                       7 years
  • Todd Loffredo              5 Years
  • Frederic Collignon    5 Years


April 11-13
$6000 Upper Midwest Championships    
Country Inn & Suites
Mankato, MN   
Loyd Mandel

April 25-27
$4500 Rookie/Semi-Pro Regionals    
Tulsa Billiard Palace
Tulsa, OK    
Rex Bennett

May 3
$2000 Rookie Tournament
Campus Billiards
Cypress, CA

May 10
$1000 Spring Fling
Cullman Bowling Center
Cullman, AL   
Rodney Jenkins

May 9-11
$3000 Lincoln City Championships
Big Red Keno
Lincoln, NE    
Loyd Mandel

May 16-18
$3500 Kentucky State Warm-Up
Rack Club
Lexington, KY
Mary Moore

May 23-25
$20,000 2003 Texas State Championships        

Holiday Inn Select
Irving, TX
David Radack
*An Inside Foos Event*

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