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1. What are the differences between the Storm II, Cyclone II and Toarnado 2000 tables?

Randy W.

1. Okay, here we go. There are two main classes of Tornado Foosball tables, competition and home models. While all Tornado Tables are excellent and even their entry level table is better then any table you will buy at a department store, the Cyclone II and above tables are considered "Tour" level tables. The competition level tables are heaver, so more stable, their bearings are different and the men are balanced so they will stay exactly where you put them.

Competition Models

Featuring top quality bearings and tournament balanced play figures.

The coin op and the TP 2000 are both split cabinet.

#1 Coin op: is top of the line. (Split Cabinet)

Competition Models

#2 TP 2000: is a coin op quality without coin op mechanism. (Split Cabinet)

#3 Cyclone II: is the same quality items, but the cabinet isn't as heavy.

Home Models

Featuring lighter bearings and non balanced play figures.

#4 Storm II: is lighter yet.

#5 Whirlwind: the kids model, very fun to play on at home.

Bearings (See the Difference?) img.php?id=153&view=
Split Bearing, competition level.
Snap In, home level.

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