Welcome current and future foosball promoters!
A promoter is a person or group who strive to advance the popularity of foosball.

Let's get right to it, foosball promoters need stuff, parts, advice and help.  We do that!  

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How to determine where you fit into the world of foosball promoting.  Before we can help you, we need some information, so we can give you the best advise for your particular situation.  Use the questions and comments below to help build a "profile" for us to work with.  Please send us an email with the comments below that best apply to you.

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First, put yourself if one of these categories:
6.  We haven't figured out anything above 5?  I guess you would have to be VDLP, or NATSA or Bonzini.
5.  State/Country promoter  (You coordinate state/country championships)
4.  Regional promoter in a city/region.  (You coordinate events of $1000 or more...)
3.   City promoter (You coordinate one or more DYP's each week)
2.  Local promoter (you run a DYP)
1.  Promoter (you are reading this page and want to help :-)

Second, consider what you are trying to accomplish:
-More players at your events, DYP's or big events.
-More new players, more pro's or more experienced players.
-More young players, people under 21.
-You want to bring players in from out of town or out of state/country.
-Build the size/quality of you location, encourage the owners to buy more tables or better ones.
-Spend less money, or make more or any for that matter.
-Make the pot bigger and more attractive to players

Third, evaluate where you are at on some promotional keys:
-Website? Pictures of you location, times, days results...
-Well structured events, which start on time.
-Growing player base, improving player skills, non-stagnant
-Location backing, Bar-Kicker, Money for parts and Maintenance, new balls...
-VIFA, local league, points race, long term reasons to play every week.
-Incentives for the 4 basic types of players.
1. Pro's (money)  2. Players (joy of play)  3. Rookies (competition, improvement, challenge) 4. Beginners (?)
-While playing do people:  smile, laugh, bitch, moan, complain, cheer, drink ect...

Forth, oh, we don't have a forth yet...

Foosball.com gets personally involved with our promoters, this is not a place to just sell wraps and charts.  We get with our promoters on the phone or in person and we give them the help they want and need.  Joining forces with foosball.com means you are getting the experience of every other promoter we interact with.  Since we talk to all of our promoters, we get ideas from everyone.  The things we can do for you, or should we say the things that we can do together are amazing!

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If you think a conversation would be the best place to start, send us an email and include as much of the above info as you can.