Basic Offense Rules & Tips

Offensive 5-Bar: Passing

Rules: No spinning. You have a 10 second time limit to shoot or pass. It is okay to shoot and score from your 5-Bar.

Tips: Your main objective is to pass the ball through your opponents 5-bar to your Offensive 3-Bar. Make sure your 3-Bar is in the catch position. the men on the 3-Bar is in the catch position. The men on the 3-Bar should be angled forward toward your target goal so a ball striking the back of the man will stop beneath your 3-Bar.

Offensive-Bar: Shooting

Rules: Sorry, still no spinning. you have seconds to shoot.

Tips: Take your time. Stop the ball beneath the rod. Move the ball between your men on this rod by tapping or pushing the ball with the sides of their feet keeping it under the same rod. Maneuver it in front of the goal and shoot.

Level of Foosball

Elementry (Rookie)

Middle (Novice)

High (Expert)