Shooting is what you do from the 3-bar. When you shoot from the 2-bar out of goal, that is considered clearing the ball. We will explore that in another area.


The average player shoots 30%-40% from the 3-bar. They pass 60%-70% from the 5-bar to the 3-bar. In a game to 5 points, 3.5 of the points are scored from the 3 bar on average. If you could raise your shooting percentage just 5%, that would be amazing!!! Think about how often you score from the 3-bar, is it even 20%? Never, never forget rebounds, if you can get a rebound after a shot you miss, you get another 1/3 chance to score! We are going to discuss the basic kinds of shots. Choose one, and get really good at it. Don't waste your practice time on lots of shots.


Pull Shot: You set the ball up next to the middle man far away from you and slightly behind the rod. You pull the ball towards you and snap it into the goal. The best part of the pull shot is you have supreme control over the shot. Another great thing are the rebounds you get with this shot. Because your hand is on the rod and you are in control. This shot is tied for the Rollover for the #1 spot on the tour! This is the first shot you should learn.

Rollover or Monkey: The ball starts under the front toe, you place your WRIST on the handle and you move the ball to one side or another then pull up on your wrist, this causes the ball to shoot into the goal. This is the easiest shot to get quite good at. This shot is tied with the pull shot for the #1 shot on tour. Virtually everyone shoots this shot because it is so FAST!

Push Shot: DO NOT USE THIS SHOT!!! This is the first shot people learn because it is so natural and easy. Problem is this shot has many problems and it basically sucks. You start the ball next to the middle of the 3-bar men. You push the ball rapidly and slap it into the goal. Do yourself a favor, DO NOT LEARN THIS SHOT. Just skip ahead 12 months to the pull shot, you will switch to it sooner or later. Everyone starts with the push shot because it is easy, then the regret it because it is worthless. Everyone can block the push shot very well.

Pull Kick: Start the ball on the far man of the 3-bar. Pull the ball rapidly to the middle man and shoot it. Also there are several dinks you can add to it. This is a very powerful shot, but it is so very hard to master. Even if you master it you can still have trouble being consistent. We do not recommend this shot.

Push Kick: Start the ball on the near man of the 3-bar. Push it to the middle man and slap it home. This shot is even worse the the Pull Kick. This shot is harder and slower then the pull kick. But you can see the goal/wholes in the defense very well? We do not recommend this shot.

Euro or Front Toe: Start the ball under the front toe. With a whip motion you shoot the ball to one side or another. This shot is very hard to learn. The pull side is very natural, but the push is hard to learn. Now in Europe most everyone shoots it, hence the name. In the USA we use the pull shot. You need to learn more about the different table styles and rules of play to understand why.

Tic Tack Shot: Bounce the ball back and forth between your men on the 3-bar at random then "slap" the ball into the goal. This is a great shot "style". If you learn to shoot a tic tack you will get better at foosball very rapidly. I still feel a pull shot or a rollover will score more often, but you will be better at foosball and ball control if you shoot a tic tack. No movie, I am sure you get the idea about this shot style.

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