Basic Rules & Tips

Rules of Play

The basic rules of play are quite simple. Aside from no spinning and no unsportsmanlike conduct, the majority of other rules govern the pace of play and special circumstances that arise during play.

Philosophy of Rules

The intent of the rules is essentially to keep matches fair between competitors. For completeness sake and to cover every possible circumstance that could arise, professional/official rules are available to govern competitive play. At the highest level of competitive soccer play, officials are optional. To many players, it is a self-officiating game where both teams are aware of the rules and compete within the boundaries of the basic rules. Interpretation of the rules should be based on their common sense.


Flip a coin to see who gets the first serve.

The Serve

Rules: The coin toss decides the first serve. The team last scored upon gets the serve after a goal, after a ball is out of play, or after a neutral dead ball.

Tips: You should try to serve the ball to your 5-Bar. Practice different ways of serving the ball so you can consistently serve to your men every time.

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Level of Foosball

Elementry (Rookie)

Middle (Novice)

High (Expert)